Love of Synth 2023

New HeartBeatHero album releasing this friday on Bandacamp
and the 17th on Spotify #synthwave

9 new tracks
9 classic tracks

All made with the love of synth by HeartBeatHero

Thank you to all my family, friends and listeners of my podcast HeartBeatHero Radio!

Sunsets, Nostalgia, Love, Space, Life,
Tears, Racing, Dreams, Driving, Retro and Chiptune.
One word descriptions of this album.

“Synthwave Sunsets” brings me back to the summers where I spent glidding down the water park slides with friend. The sun warming uo my skin. The speed of the slide and the refreshing water after waiting in line.

“Never Stop loving” is a tribute to the love stories we have been in and out of. With one posative message. Never stop loving.

“Mothership” is when you are out in space and a hostile ship starts to attack your vesile. You race through space using evading meneuvers to outsmare the enemy.

“Flight of the Navigator” an 80s classic movie I love watching as a kid. A story of a young boy who meets an alien with a very cool spaceship and travels through time.

“Cat Poop Coffee Morning” one of the hillarious answers of Joe Ozone in the Triva of HeartBeatHero Radio. This track emits everything about those words for me. Its a groovy happy little tune that does what it wants running on caffeen.

“The Sweetness of my Tears” I awoke from a dream with my dad. Who unfortunaly passes away a year ago. Finaly getting to be near him again.

“Eterity” My attemt of creating a bit of a house based track.

“The Autobahn” jump in jour 80s super car and take a drive on the german autobahn.

“The Breakfast club” my interpretation of the 80s classic movie.

“Dreamin of Dreamwave” I was really in the flow when making this track. It became a very late night but it was worth it.

“When I was jus a kid” memories of my childhood in the 80s

“SynthWaves” a hynotic beat with an an emotional build up

“Grid Digger” a bit of italo disco bringing you synthwave vibes

“The Delorean” a nice beat and lead synth as an 80s style track

“Space Nightmare” old school kind of sound with a bit of darkness

“Trinity” The phone rings on a ship. While it is traveling through depths of space at the speed of light trying to escape the dark pull of evil.

“Cool City Breeze” nighttime vibes kicking in

“Super Space Hero” Super retro sound energy with great melodies

The wonderfull artwork for the album was created by artofseda

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release date March 3rd, 2023

There are some power tracks in here that will give you energy.
A Rocky Balboa training video soundtrack, Blade Runner influences
and some retro synthwave summer vibes.
Also there are tracks that are about my dad being very sick
and eventualy passing away.
And a track about the 10 year aniversary
of our child that never made it into this world.
It’s the most personal album I have ever created.
And I am very proud of it.
Thank you for listening to it!

I want to thank everybody in the synthwave community for their support!
Also my love goes out to my family and friends! <3

The wonderfull artwork for the album was created by Polina

Click here to listen to my Star Child album

released February 4, 2022