26th of August 2023. Saturday Night 7.30 Paris Time

9th of September 2023 Saturday night 7.30 pm paris time

Times and dates might change

Looking for help

If you are willing to donate some free time in exchange for a shout out on the show please let me know via direct message on

I am looking for help with the following items.

  1. Creating soundcloud timestamps for each show. Looking up the times of each individual track. (I will post a link in soundcloud to you and credit you for doing this)
  2. Trivia questions with multiple choice. a,b,c,d answers each show needs 12 questions. (Mentioning on show these questions were brought to you by …. And you can even come on the show to be the trivia host if you like. Or send in a 30 second promo clip promoting what ever you like)

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Once a month. Mostly on a Saturday Night Paris Time. With guests, interviews, trivia and ofcourse great music. on

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