Synth Album Review: “Star Child” by HeartBeatHero

Author: KARL MAGI: MAY 25, 2022

HeartBeatHero’s Star Child combines intricately entangled synths, beautiful melodies, and mingled emotions to create a heartfelt and emotive musical journey. HeartBeatHero has poured his emotional soul into this album and the end result makes that abundantly clear.

Star Child explores the vagaries and triumphs of human emotion through a synth-based prism. HeartBeatHero combines his musical abilities with a palpable expression of his personal emotions to create an auditory diary that I find strongly compelling.


Author: March 21, 2021

Op 6 maart jongstleden bracht Daniel Barton aka HeartBeatHero twee albums uit op één dag: Synth from the Heart en Alive in the Dark. Daar waar Alive in the Dark zich meer richt op de darksynth stijl, is Synth from the Heart een album wat relaxter is om naar te luisteren en meer te valt categoriseren als een mix tussen dreamwave en synthpop.